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New Delhi
Union Minister

Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani

New Delhi
Corporate Design    Shri Upendra Prasad Singh
Secretary (Textiles) 
Ministry of Textiles
Udyog Bhawan
New Delhi -110 011
West Bengal
Corporate Design   Shri Moloy Chandan Chakraborty, IDAS
Jute Commissioner (in additional Charge - Secretary, NJB)
National Jute Board
3A & 3B, Park Plazaz, 3rd Floor,
71, Park Street, Kolkata - 700016
The Ministry of Textiles is responsible for policy formulation,planning, development export promotion and trade   regulation in respect of the textile sector.  This  included all natural and manmade cellulosic fibres that go into the making of textiles,clothing and handicrafts.
The developmental activities of the Ministry are oriented towards  making  adequate  quantities of raw material  available  to  all  sectors of  the  textile  industry  and  augmenting the production of fabrics at reasonable prices from the organised  and decentralised sectors of the industry. Towards this objective, the  Ministry  lays  down  guidelines  for  a  planned  and  harmonious  growth  of  various sectors of the industry.Special  emphasis  is  given  to  the  development of handlooms  in view of its large employment potential. The Ministry  monitors  the  techno-economic  status of the industry and provides the requisite policy framework for modernisation and rehabilitation. The Ministry coordinates the  activities of Textiles Research Associations and lends financial support to them for undertaking research and development.
The Ministry of Textiles is headed by a Secretary who is assisted in the discharge of this duties by 4 Joint Secretaries, Economic  Advisor and the Development  Commissioners  for  Handlooms  and  Handicrafts,  Textile Commissioner and Jute Commissioner.
The principal functional areas of the Ministry cover the following:-
Corporate Design      Textile Policy & Coordination
Corporate Design      Man-made Fibre/ Filament Yarn Industry
Corporate Design      Cotton Textile Industry
Corporate Design      Jute Industry
Corporate Design      Silk and Silk Textile Industry
Corporate Design      Wool & Woollen Industry
Corporate Design      Decentralised Powerloom Sector
Corporate Design      Planning & Economic Analysis
Corporate Design      Integrated Finance Matters
Corporate Design      Information Technology