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MDP Scheme

Market Development & Promotion

Objective of MDPS Scheme :

  • To develop, promote and expand markets for Jute and Jute Diversified Products within India and abroad.  
  • To provide continuous selling, marketing and promoting platforms/avenues to Jute Artisans, Entrepreneurs, Women Self Help Groups, Jute MSMEs, Jute Exporters and Jute Miller through participations in Fairs, Exhibitions, BSMs, Road Shows and Business Delegations.  
  • To ensure sustained livelihood earnings and business development/promotions for Jute Artisans, Entrepreneurs, Women Self Help Groups, Jute Micro Units through market promotion events;
  • Help increase production, sales and exports of Jute and Jute Goods; Support employment sustenance in Jute products manufacturing units by helping manufacturing units through sustained sales, markets and business expansions activities;  
  • Provide continuous access to exports markets through subsidized participation in internationalØ events to help reduce marketing cost of exporters;  
  • To Brand, Position, promote  & Publicize Indian Jute Products as an eco-friendly, natural and sustainable products in both domestic and export markets.  
  • Develop, Promote and commercialize new diversified products viz; specialty fine fabric, Jute Technical Textile, Jute Industrial products, jute hygiene products, jute composite board etc.

  Operational Guidelines